What causes this?

What is the cause of this and how can I fix it?

I’d play around with the extrusion rate or the temperature. It could also be that the nozzle is too close to the print bed. Essentially, it looks like the hot end is scrapping against the previous layer while still extruding.

hi @mbura if you could maybe post another pic or 2 of your print and let us know your printer as well as current print settings I am sure we could get you straightened out.

Kind of hard to tell exactly what’s going on right now, but we will figure it out

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Without knowing your settings and such I would say you are too close to the bed with your nozzle to start with and it certainly looks like you are over extruding.

is that PLA you are printing? it looks like your temperatures are very hot. and your bed isn’t level seeing your last 2 photos.

I am printing with Petg

For some reason my BLTouch and auto level isn’t working and I don’t know how to level my bed now with the BLTouch

To me it looks like the nozzle is too close. You might try baby stepping it up and see if that helps.

HI @mbura

I would agree the bed does look a little close, I usually print PETG white colour at 230 with a 70 bed, Does look like it’s printing hot.

Are you printing with a Bowden set up or direct drive? I would be curious to see what your retractions are set up at. Looks like they are a bit high, usually, Cura sets them at 6.5mm which is way too high for most applications, drop it down to 3.5mm for Bowden setup and 2 for direct drive.

Just to verify steps/mm on all the axis, have you printed a 20mm calibration cube and been able to produce it accurately?