What did I break?

Hi. I changed the nozzle, and in doing so bent the sensor tip for the BL Touch. Yeah gorilla sausage fingers and stupidity are a bad combo.

Anyhow. At this point when I manually adjust the Y axis, the machine moves Z axis the same. Like they are somehow tied together. Auto Level never lowers Z height much, a mm or three… then tries to take a reading (bent sensor so it doesnt drop) and then lifts Z height 30mm or so and moves to the next spot and repeats…

No wires look broken or melted or damaged on the BL touch, which is now removed.

If I screwed the MB somehow, then I might just consider an entire new machine (new BLTouch + MB + Microswiss hotted + gorilla fingers the stupid = maybe just get a new machine)…

Anyone have any ideas here? The behaviour is super weird.

Hi @Hookup9,
I would recommend first a new BLTouch. The Z-Axis will lift (never lowers for safety reasons) when homing if the probe isn’t working correctly. If this doesn’t work, reflash firmware and then a new board.

this is great news… was worried that I might have messed the MB some how pushing the build plate in and out when removing prints… sending voltage backwards into the unit… which I guess is still possible…

I’ll get a new BLTouch and upgrade to microswiss DD at the same time… and hopefully be back in business!

Hi @Hookup9

when you boot the printer pin is supposed to deploy and retract twice. If it does not it will start flashing red. This is actually an internal error condition of the BLtouch and will prevent it from moving down as @Tiago mentioned.

I am assuming due to what you have described that this is probably the case. In a pinch, you can try to pull the pin, straighten it by hand and plug it back in just to see if it will deploy properly on boot-up. the major risk is breaking the pin off and making it too short to operate without an error condition. (because it will complete the deploy test but never be able to reach the bed)

More than likely you have not done any perm damage, I always recommend powering the printer off before you plug or unplug anything, Static discharge can kill a board just as quickly as a voltage spike. Powering it off lessens the risk.

the flashing red light is exactly what is happening… well was… I’ve got that part taken off and am preparing for the replacement as well as the upgraded hot end which I’ve wanted for a while anyhow… seems like all things point to a damaged BLtouch, so I’ll proceed with the upgrades… will check back if I have issues after that…


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Chances are there’s nothing wrong with the BL Touch itself - probably the wiring has a problem.

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