What does this mean Error M141

Error: M141: No chamber heater has been configured for slot 0
I see it when I’m running Probe trigger height

I also get this message when running the autoZ trigger height command
Error: Probe was not triggered during probing move Test # 10 Triggered @ 7.500mm

What printer is this for,

The error seems to state that it is trying to heat a chamber using a thermistor which is not present, this would suggest that possibly the macro for this Probe Trigger Height command is wrong and would need to be changed.

Troodon 2.0 printer

Do you know if there is an update for this printer I can run?

I didn’t think the Troodon has a chamber heater? Did you install one? I could be wrong I don’t own one.

Did you use Cura to slice your file? It looks like the new version of Cura added a M141 command to heat the chamber, and may not work with the Troodon V2

Yes. We use Cura. I have printed a few things. They don’t turn out all that great. Do you recommend a different slicing software or are there settings I should be changing in cura to get a better print quality and to eliminate that code before slicing?

You should be able to go into the start gcode for the printer and remove the M141 command to remove the chamber heating from the start gcode.

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