What FEP Film for Halot One Pro


I was cleaning my printer and poked a hole in my FEP sheet. I’m having a bear of a time finding what to buy to fix the issue. Any suggestions for my Halot One Pro?

It’s not really very printer specific. The film just mostly needs to be at least as large as the stock sheet and you always trim off the excess.
A quick search says this is the size: 200 x 176 x0.15mm

nfep (also called pfa), or the newer style ACF (which I haven’t tried) are better than the older style FEP film as they release with less force. You can find a suitable replacement from Elegoo for their Saturn printers, from Anycubic for their larger m3 or m5 10" printers, or larger sheets from Siraya Tech. Unless Creality did something really dumb and different, every printer I have seen the sheets are just a big rectangle and when you install them you need to punch your own holes and trim to fit (sounds harder than it is) so it means the sheets are fairly interchangeable.