What have you designed

What are some items that you have thought of and designed to be 3D printed?

Was it a prototype that had many iterations or a toy that you just had to have?

Let’s share our creativity and discus our methods of putting it from inspiration to design to final print.

I needed something to hold and organize all my home networking equipment so this is what I came up with using TinkerCAD


@eeffoc very nice way to clean all that up. I hate chord and box clutter.


very nice

Jason H

Here’s my Camel-Up dice tower, Dice Tower (Pyramid) for Camel-Up Board Game by mobiobi - Thingiverse. Got some other stuff on Thingiverse too, but this was an early design.

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Done some stands to help calibrate the FIMI X8 SE 2020 for 6 axis calibration and a stand for the 3 axis gimbal camera calibration

…for a chemical photography [project I haven’t gotten around to yet: a film developing reel for 16mm still (not movie) film.
Working out the math to approximate a spiral with a series of arc segments was a couple of hours of fun.

I posted a version of it on Thingiverse:

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@LGSGreybeard I don’t know anything about film development but from what I can tell that’s a pretty nice design that can be infinitely stacked for as much room you need. What did you model this in?

As with most of my stuff, I used openSCAD.

Thats great have you tried to load film on it yet? I’m just setting up my darkroom again. I got almost everything I need used from a retired potograper. All the nice things that were too expensive back in the day that are almost yardsale items today.

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You stuff the film into the ends of the spirals, and yes - it can get tricky. I’ve tested it with 16mm-wide strips of cardboard.
If you intend to print one of thee to use in anger, please contact me for updated code - I’ve made some tweaks to make them easier to load, like chamfering the edges of the spokes and widening the spiral grooves (the channels are longer than they need to be in the posted version - shortening them allowed me to make them wider)

Thanks, I shoot 35mm and I have a few of these for my tanks already. I just wondered how easy they would be to feed with 16mm on a printed part

Cool. I shoot everything from 16mm to 4x5. In 35mm, I have a particular soft spot for 60s and 70s fixed-lens rangefinders. I once did a comparison between negatives from my Konica Auto S2 and a colleague’s Leica M6. The extra $5996.67 he had spent was nearly impossible to see.

I’ve always had Minolta. I had a Hi-Matic but went into SLR’s pretty soon after. Still have all of them except one that was stolen and the HiiMatic that I don’t even know where it went.

This was my first design. I designed it in Tinkercad, and had it printed at the local library, since I didn’t yet have a printer of my own.
I had the kitchen rebuilt, and I wanted to mount a tool rail on the glass backsplash without drilling any holes.
Here’s the solution:

The “hammered brass” looking section picks up a design cue from the antique coffee dispenser. I modeled every hammer blow as a sphere in Tinkercad.


that’s super practical, nice job

Jason H

I had a problem with the yarn always getting tangled up under the spindle when I knit, so I designed this yarn guide in tinkerCAD to fit in the slot already in the Yarn Valet.

This prints in under an hour and works perfectly.


@LGSGreybeard that is pretty nice. I really like your hammered brass look, very creative. How much weight do you think those prints are holding? Based on how I would assume they where printed I would have been worried about layer separation from the shear force down.

@eeffoc that is a great idea. My niece likes to knit. I don’t know if she has a yarn valet yet so I will have to surprise her with one and add this print to it.

@eeffoc nice! My wife is teaching me to knit right now, she uses yarn bowls like this,

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