What is this called and where can I find them?

I ordered a new thermistor but the wire is too long so I need to cut it. The old one has a connector on one end and I am trying to find replacement pieces. Can someone tell me what this is called and where to find replacements?

Much appreciated.


That is a JST (japanese solderless connectors) JST connector - Wikipedia

I dentifing the exact one is easier with more information. JST XH are common but this doesn’t look quite right for it. It might be a Molex a differnt version. More photos might help.

I would recommend using the proper crimp tool plyers often can mangle the ends and not punch the wire properly making a unreliable connection. The vertical iwiss is great but the one 3DPC sell is fine, it is a bit large and you need to get it exactly right to work well. But it does work.

It can be a pain, one of my printers needed most of the factory connectors replaced they were duponts jammed into JSTs. That is like forcing a square into a round hole. they used glue to hold them in place. Bloody joke. I replaced 80% of the connectors with the right ones.

If this seems like too much effort you might buy to OEM it should be the correct size. When we start modding things it is inevetable to need to change connectors it is a useful skill.

Asa re you sure thats jst, it looks like a molex connector to me.

That being said, you can always cut off and crimp whatever connector you want to use. Personally i prefer jst connectors. Theyre a trick to get them crimped at first, but i dont mind them once i do a few.

Thank you both!

Much appreciate the help.

Best place to get jst connector kit that’s is not over priced?


I find Amazon is a good source for these. Otherwise Digi-key.