What motherboard should I buy

I think I have to buy a replacement motherboard for one of my cr10s pro V1 printer as the extruder stepper isn’t working properly, but works when connected on another board.

I see the stock one is sold out at 3dprinting canada.

What other motherboard options are out there and what should I be aware of before purchasing?

The BTT SKR Mini E3 V2.0 seems to be a popular substitution:

A few bucks cheaper with at least as good support.

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I would agree 100% with @mykepredko

Mini E3 will do pretty well in any printer like that, Marlin builds are pretty clean and a couple of nice options are available if you want to tinker a bit.

I looked at that but the CR10S Pro is a V2.4 board which isn’t included in the list.
Can the SKR mini E3 V 2.0 also replace the Creality V2.4 board?

It should be able to replace it quite handily and provide you with more options and capabilities going forwards as it has an STM32F 32bit processor (the Creality has an 8bit AVR) and the same as well as more IO capabilities.

You should probably talk through the features and what is required to use the SKR Mini with somebody like Jason as I’m sure he’s a lot more familiar with your CR-10S Pro printer than I am. Sorry for passing the buck, but I am nowhere near knowledgeable enough to discuss the specific points to converting from the Creality to the BTT controller boards over the interwebs.

Thanks Jason, Can you link to any instructions or tutorials for swapping the creality 2.4 board with this one? or let me know if there is anything I need to be aware of? For starters, I can see from the image that it doesnt have the pinout for the ribbon cable that the CR10S pro has. Is there an adapter available, or what would you recommend?

oh, heck, I forgot about that, the ribbon cable is gonna be your problem there

no there is not an adapter available for that, you have to stick with the board that has the ribbon cable on it or rewire the printer.

Will this work as the ribbon cable breakout?

technically yes it would, you would have to build all custom cables to run from the JSTs on the breakout to the mainboard.

Assuming of course that the pinouts are the same on both ends and not flipped 180.