What would/will you do with your gift card?

To the winners out there, and those keeping active in the forum. What do you want to use your gift card towards?

Im thinking towards some PLA, or maybe some TPU.

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Hey Dr.

good question, Although I cannot win them (cause I’m staff), If I had one I would spend it on something I wouldn’t ordinarily buy, Maybe towards an upgrade or something usually out of my budget.


When i do get around to my next upgrade, depending on when thatll be, that too would be under my consideration :slight_smile:

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I’m hoping to branch into the world of 3D printing resin with my big win!! I’m waiting on the Creality LD-002H to come back in stock at 3DPC, and doing my research in the meantime :grinning:


Simple… filament filament filament


That is what I plan on, but maybe something other than PLA, perhaps TPU and PETG

Thinking of a BL Touch for my CR-10s

I have a Prusa clone that I no longer use. I want to strip it down and use it’s parts to make a hang printer. I would use a gift card to buy a better hot end for it

Without a doubt, filament. I’m curious about the resin printers but lack the space for a good set up.

One came installed on my MAX, glad it did! I believe I would have had a lot of problems getting up and running without one!

@Red-Nick does a hanging printer mean what it sounds like? That would save alot of desk space

Okay, like most of you, I got into this hobby during Covid lockdown. I am a hands on shopper so I can’t wait to be able to walk in the store.

About the gift card… a ceramic knife would be nice but of course I can always use the new colour of PLA! lol

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Upgrade for the printer would be nice!!

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@Jason hang printers are what they sound like but you will loose floor space not desk space :stuck_out_tongue: .

They are an open source design that has all the stepper motors on a board attached to the ceiling and they control spools of cable that hang down to the printer gantry and also extend out to anchor points on the floor. It will spool in and out each cable to travel. Because it is all based on 1 centre the taller the print the narrower it has to get because of the cables.

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If I won, I would put it towards another printer to have to take with me as I always work away from home. My son is having all the fun at home at the moment with our Ender 3 V2.


I hear ya, I bought one for my wife, she now uses it almost every day

Welcome to the forum

Jason H

Not good for my wife, she has problem with the TV remote!! LOL

I’m thinking a new Microswiss hot end!

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I would get the Bondtech extruder. This one looks to be the best on the market.

I would like a Swiss Micro hot end, 4 kg of pla and Tpu. Unfortunately they are all out of stock.

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