What would you do with it?

I have a machine that I have the ability to do with whatever I really want to.

Its has no plan right now and all of the electronics have been stripped.

Its started life as an ender 5 plus, frame motors and mechanics are all intact. so Im really looking to see what you would put in it for hot end, mainboard, screen.

What are the best combos that work for you guys. I am pretty well open for anything

Should I return it to stock and just make it work or go a little nuts and go duet Wifi with slice hot end? personally don’t like the creality touch screens that’s really my only thing.

Have you considered expanding the Y axis?

Replacing 4 rails, 2 belts and adding a second bed would significantly increase your printing options without really breaking the bank.

You don’t like Creality’s touch screen specifically, or touch screens in general?

If your going down the nuts road, I say turn it into a multiple extruder/IDEX machine!

Maybe go for broke. Build a fast Rat Rig!


LOL, the thought of building a 300mm/sec printing monster is an amusing thought…

I was thinking more hot end and electronics. I can easily put it back in the factory electronics and get it up and running in an hour.

I was thinking more so, reusing the frame and bed, what mainboard/hotend combo or upgrades would you like to see me try in it. I think Im also going to cover it in Plexi-glass to reduce the warping should I ever want to go ABS. as it is going to be printing TPU/PETG right now.


I do like the touch screen theory, the DUET screens are what I consider to be flawless, BTT is close but can be cumbersome on the menus but are still very good. The creality screens tend to “hide” some of the more technical features I like to have quick access to.

I could redo the screen layout but I am kinda looking for an out of the box screen that gives me what I am looking for. I have been building alot of custom macros for the duet lately and have to say its pretty powerfull.

I thought you were going in a different direction with this like a laser printer, vinyl cutter, plotter, or CNC machine.

Interesting thought with the laser, I have a Mutant I could install on the head and make it hot swappable.

think for the functionality and auto bed levelling I would lean toward the Duet 2 controller. because there is only 2 motors for the Z axis and don’t need a second extruder I could use the auto bed leveling option in Reprap.

would also make the laser option fairly easy to add as well.

Im curious why go for a duet board over other options? Wouldnt a skr or mks board be cheaper and do the same job, if you add a wifi chip. What about running klipper on it?

I have actually never run Klipper before not really sure what advantage It would give me. I don’t require remote monitoring or remote start. I know PJ uses it at his place he has some serious speed increases done on it but I usually opt for quality over speed.

I’ve used the SKR and most of the BTT boards and generics on other machines. Honestly, it’s the firmware that drives me kinda nuts. I build my own firmware regularity, have been working a lot with Duet/Reprap in the last couple of months and really starting to like it more and more. the smallest change just requires a reboot instead of recompiling reupload and restart. Also liking the custom scripts / Macros

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think I am gonna go down this road a bit sideways. try some easy stuff but make some hard stuff in there too.

The purpose of this machine is as I had mentioned, TPU, PLA, PETG so I think I am gonna go this route

Duet WIFI mainboard, Mutant modification on the gantry so I can switch between a Direct Drive hot end and a Laser cutter.

Going to leave the mechanics of it basically stock except for the belt tensioners. Going to enable auto tilt bed compensation, small touch screen because most of my control is going to be through the web interface.

Lets see if I can do a benchy with a .4 nozzle, .16 layer height in under 30 mins? think that’s a reasonable goal? I was thinking a normal benchy prints in about an hour, lets see if I can cut it in half.

I can post the built process if you guys want?

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Id be interested in the build process, im still a ways away from building my own 3d printer from scratch, but it is on my list eventually. Plus id be interested in hearing more about the duet interface.

No problem

I have just completed the strip down process of getting out all the old stuff then Ill have to start printing mounts and adapters. will post pics as I go along.

If the machine is pretty much stock right now, I’d address the tinned wires that go to the terminals. Replace those with ferrules as soon as possible for safety.

Upgrade to a 32 to bit board and attach a raspberry pie so that you have remote access to the machine, perhaps.

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HI Yarksspiri

Thanks for the info, actually everything stock out of this machine is going to be replaced electronics-wise.

I’m going to make it a project and record it here. I agree the tinned ends on the terminals are a bad idea and will be done properly here.

The current status on the machine is I have it completely stripped, the only thing left on it is mechanics. The power supply is going to be changed to a Meanwell so even that is going to be replaced. I personally want to build a solid machine so the not CSA-approved power supply is out.

I am going to be busy for the next week or so finishing up some outdoor stuff and doing winter maintenance on the trailers but will post updates here as it goes.

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I’m looking forwards to seeing your updates. Best of luck with the project.