Whats your favorite filament?

I absolutly love the Prusament PLA Opal Green. The colour is amazing, and it prints really well.

The picture dosent really do it justice, and i cant really find my other prints with it atm.

So yeah, whats your all time favourite filament :slight_smile:

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My fav’ would be the PLA-F that I got from Amazon. I think is the SIMAX3D, as that’s the only white filament I can find evidence of ever having bought, but the link to the Amazon purchase says it’s just plain PLA. Frankly, I’d love to get more of this. Once I got past the temperature issues (it prints 30C LOWER than recommended on the no-name label) the prints came out beautifully smooth and felt harder than regular PLA. That was useful for making stepper motor mounts where it printed so perfectly I didn’t even need to use screws to hold the motor in.

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