What's your next printer going to be?

I’m going to be adding a print mill to my farm. what are people looking for in their next printer?

The print mill is not big enough… needs another 20-30mm in width and height.

Personally looking for a large format like the CR10 S5.

I will only go with CoreXY because large prints means more weight and in that case best is to have bed move on Z and avoid moving prints on XY. Lot better results and much more stable ad no vibration to prints on XY

Who makes and how big?

No plans to purchase a printer in the near future, but my next printer would likely be a resin-based printer. I enjoy printing Minis and, while successful as can be on FDM, I’d get much better quality out of resin.

i am going to buy creality resin one. lot of support on those printers.

lot of people makes it…depend on how big you want to make one. These is a DIY video as well to make as big as you want.

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Waiting to hear about the Prusa XL. I’ve been very happy with my MK3S.

Do we have any clues? Will it be a core XY?

Not sure. I’m guessing yes given how a coreXY performs vs a cartesian as size increases. But maybe Prusa has some tricks up their sleeves. There is also mention of swappable tools, but I haven’t seen much in terms of details.

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I’ve hear they are supposed to be doing a coreXY, kinds looking forward to what that will look like

A laser engraver tool would be cool but not a CNC router type thing.

Imo I’m general a combo machine tends to be less effective at any one part it does. Always something that needs to be compromised.

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I agree that a laser would be an easy and useful add-on although I can easily see people forgetting to change the bed before using it :slight_smile:
On a glass bed, you’d end up burning whatever the glass is sitting on. And then there are the magnetic beds :slight_smile:
On my laser machine, I have a layer of aluminum foil, shiny side down, on the base plate.

As for CNC attachments on a 3D printer, I think it would be a disaster. The vibration and flying debris getting into the rails will not lead to happiness.

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I agree, CNC on a 3d printer is a bad idea, I’m personally more of a fan of single purpose machines.

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If I had my Genie lamp rubbed just right I would go for a Peoply Phenom. Just got a resin printer and the results are amazing. want bigger!

Hey Hobbymaker

Seems like a lot of people are going to go and try resin, I agree the results are outstanding.

Jason H

Currently I dont need more printers. Possibly a hobby resin (<$1000) but I would choose one that’s been out for awhile and has a good rep and parts are available. I learnt my lesson with “new models” (CR6…)

Will be trying a Voron v0.1 and turn it into a mini 2 Color tool changer.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Zortrax line of FDM printers are the best 3D printers. I have ever used. Not only do they have enclosures, one of their models has a heated enclosure, which allows you to print ABS and nylon with almost no shrinkage. I get much better results on my Zortrax FDM printers than I do on my fully enclosed creator pro/creator pro 2, and custom CR10’S with creality enclosure. Using a Zortrax essentially guarantees a perfect 3D print in ABS/Nylon every single time. The Zortrax Inventure, which has the heated chamber, and dual nozzles for water-soluble support, is only 1800 CAD, rivaling the price of options from QIDI, but making their offerings look like toys in comparison, in my personal experience.

If you are interested in learning more, take a look at my website:https://3baprinting.com/

The link to the M200 with a full HEPA enclosure is here: https://3baprinting.com/store/ols/pr…lus-hepa-cover

The link to the m300 with a full HEPA enclosure is here: https://3baprinting.com/store/ols/pr…lus-hepa-cover

The link to the m300 dual with a full HEPA enclosure is here: https://3baprinting.com/store/ols/pr…ual-hepa-cover

The link to the inventure is here: https://3baprinting.com/store/ols/pr…trax-inventure

All prices are in CAD, there are a lot of resellers in a lot of countries. Tell me your country, and I can connect you to your nearest reseller.

Nice… from Poland? You sell these here?

I think a lot of your links are broken

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