When will 3DPC restock

Just wondering when 3D Printing Canada plans on restocking the in house PLA filament? Im planning on making an order this weekend and dont see as much selection as im used to.

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I have been noticing the same not only 3DPC but many Canadian (and not) filaments are in short supply. Covid shortages everybody is staying at home printing? I would wonder if it is just a bigger demand or a shortage of raw materials (both?!)

I’m just speculating, but I suppose a significant amount of plastics production could have been converted over to the production of protective equipment.

With respect to the original poster’s question on when 3DPC is “Planning” on re-stocking: I doubt “Planning” has anything to do with it. I suspect they’re desperate to get supplies much like anyone else these days.

It’s a pity there isn’t a viable filament recycling method. I’ve got enough waste material to make a couple of rolls. I’ve even been sorting the waste by colour.

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We have a lot of product on its way. The world has a shortage of cargo containers so we were forced to take full cargo container loads and split them up into 4 ways to ensure they arrive here on time. Lead time for full cargo containers is 1+ month so instead, we will get smaller shipments more frequently starting the next 1-2 weeks all the way up until April.

I appreciate the understanding and apologize for the delays. Somethings are just beyond our control.


@chris I understand your predicament, too bad it wasnt this week beacuse im going to make an order from you guys and was wondering if anything would be in this week for more selection. Either way i understand your doing your best and keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Feel free to email me direct with what you need and I’ll check ETA’s live for ya: chris@3dprintingcanada.com

COVID has really messed up the shipping lanes.


to be honest they think it has a lot to do with coronavirus and they’re having trouble shipping from China at the moment believe me we would stalk as much as we could bring in for you guys we are doing our best and hope to have some very soon sorry guys we also do carry some other brands that work very well

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Any ETA on Black - 1.75mm PETG Filament - 1 kg - 3D Printing Canada. I like to stick to the same filament and this one worked well for me.

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Hey @mdawson! Near the end of March we are expecting a shipment of the Standard Line.


Good to hear its soon

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