Where do you get your STL files?

Kinda a reference thread at this point. Just wanted everyone to post any new or up-and-coming STL source locations.

I am sure we all know about

I heard PRUSA is doing their own now? has anyone used it? or what’s on it?

Wondering if you would like to post up some of your sources.

I will compile it all into one post when I have a full list and pin it to the top.

Creality has a site now, haven’t used it so I have know idea how it is. With all it’s problems Thingaverse is still the best for various reasons.

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More for STEP files but I have been using GrabCAD a bunch recently for models of components
Or for other hardware, McMaster Carr


I usually use stl finder or thingyverse or tinkercad

I bounce between thingiverse and prusa. Thingiverse has the broken download all “feature” now so ots not ideal but still has a massive database. Prusa is trying hard to activly grow and do better which looks promising


Trying to use just Prusa, but have to go to the big database on Thingiverse if I can’t find.
I have a Thangs account too…don’t use it much at all.


I just discovered GrabCAD and it’s a really great resource for reference parts (fans, hot ends, etc.) as well as models.

If you’re doing any kind of structural designs, I’d recommend that you look here first for parts references as well as what other people have done.

The problem with Grabcad is that some people only put rendered images on there and not the STL files.

Odd, I haven’t noticed that on anything I have looked for so far.
I don’t ever look for STL files on there though since they aren’t as useful for CAD modelling. Everything I have looked for on there so far has had a STEP file or sometimes even an F3D for Fusion.

Usually they post CAD files like STEP or some other, occasionally STL’s.

The missing files thing happens sometimes, usually when you really need it. There have been members complaining about it but…

P.S. the search function on Grabcad doesn’t always return files that are on the site.

I never really noticed that .stls are somewhat rare there; I can work with .step and some other formats, so it’s not a big issue for me.

The search function is poor on the site - if at first you don’t find what you’re looking for, you need to think of different search terms.

Regardless, I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve found there. It’s a nice resource that should be part of people’s lists of sites they will want to check.


This is my go to. It has a growing number of designs and it easy to navigate.

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Thingaverse was bought out by Stratasys and for such a big company I can’t see why they won’t put a little resource into fixing thingaverse.

I can do 3d modelling & stl files.
I’ve been designing parts for a motorcycle “landing gear” system.
Willing to trade design time for printing time.

HI Ted

Welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us. That’s an awesome offer, there are many like-minded people here that would share your sentiment.

If it’s something you would like to do post the offer in our Want ads section just so it doesn’t get lost in the thread.


I use the Yeggi search engine the most then where ever it takes me.

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The prusa site is well done and a pleasure to use. Thingiverse is HUGE … but painful to use. Thingiverse really needs to get a UX person to work on their stuff. There’s nothing worse than pressing the back button and ending up at the root of wherever you were browsing previously and losing all your filters, pagination, etc. Also defaulting to the non-paginated endless scrolling … what a terrible choice for that type of site.

I’m trying to mostly build my own models these days, or support makers by purchasing their designs (I just bought an awesome drawer organization system from Alexandre Chappel - a youtuber that does some amazing 3d print stuff).

I print more tools and jig type stuff than anything so tons of what I need I pretty much have to model myself because the needs are pretty specific.

that’s the guy that built the Dewalt drill-powered scooter, Fell across him one day in the youtube hole. Very easy to watch.

Yep that’s him. Here’s a start on some of the containers I’ve been printing from his collection of organizer stuff. Using a 0.8 nozzle, so chewing up some filament! But they print fast and are very strong so I’m good with that.

So here is the list I am going to Post in the “tips and tricks” section for everyone’s ref.


So that’s the list so far, I’m going to post it up in our “Tips and Tricks”. But will update it as others “appear”. If you find any new ones post them here and I will update.