Where is the sparkle/galaxy filament at?

I have always wanted to get some nice Galaxy Black filament to print with because it looks so nice in pictures and isnt abrasive, but its just never available in Canada. I don’t even just mean the prusa brand of it, but from any brand.

Its kinda wild to me. Filaments.ca has it listed but they don’t even have any in stock, and nowhere else seems to stock similar. Its actually really disappointing after all these years theres still no substitute or companies selling it.

Has anyone found a good supply?

I know I have some on a ship somewhere, but I cannot give an ETA on it until it hits Vancouver.

Let me with one of our suppliers and see if they have something in Canada.

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Confirmed, We do have it coming. I cannot give an ETA right now but it is coming.

Oh, I take it you are actually a store employee then?

Can I ask what brand/if it has abrasive parts to it? I ask because one of the big turn ons for prusaments version is they advertise that its not abrasive/wont need any special treatment.

Hi @PersonWhoPrints

Yes, I am one of the techs here in the store, I do try to jump on the forum as much as I can.

I can find out how abrasive it’s supposed to be. I do know it’s going to be in our new PLA+ line.

Let me find out. BRB :slight_smile:

Eurekatec in NS (around the corner from me) makes a Galaxy black too. It is slightly abrasive the flake seems to be very similar to Prusament Galaxy filaments they I find are slightly abrasive as well. The Eureka I prefer it is a bit finer flake and have that look but it isn’t as dense as Prusa is. I personally prefer the subtle version. Last week it was in stock.

ok, got the info, It’s not going to be abrasive.

I do not have an ETA yet, will post up when I know.

Thanks, and I don’t know if this is asking too much, but another thing about prusament, vs other sparkles I’ve seen is many sparkle filaments say you need a 0.6 nozzle or larger, while prusament doesn’t seem to have any requirements like that so I would be curious if this alternative would be ok in a 0.4 mm nozzle as that would be the bee’s knees.

To be honest, Anything like this I would start printing with a .6. This is not a rule per se It’s just what I personally usually do. I cannot confirm that will be able to print with a .4 however in the fact that it’s not abrasive I would assume the “sparkles” in it are not a hard object implanted in the plastic. Therefore I would at least try it with a .4 but it would be the second thing I would change if I ran into clogging issues. First of course would be temp.

I print the Prusament and the Eureka at 0.4 I have never had any issues. I have a roll of Esun Galaxy as well but as of today I have not tried it yet.

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I wish I could find Prusament in Canada specifically because they touted that their Galaxy filament wasnt abrasive. I would honestly pay the premium of 44 Canadian pesos a spool just for the novelty and the ability to feed it through one of my printers filament changers, but its out of stock everywhere or would cost way too much to ship.

Eureka for instance I believe says their filament is abrasive, so I couldn’t use it in my tool changer and I would be afraid of a clog in my 0.4.

That being said I did buy some glow in the dark Esun Galaxy which Ill give a try through the manual feed port eventually. I was really hoping to have things like glow in the dark text or similar. I might say yolo and try it anyways… the worst that can happen is a damage a 400 dollar part…

We carry SAKATA Magic and Magic PLUS both are sparkling “Galaxy” style filaments. PLUS has more sparkles than the regular.

You can find it here: Search: 7 results found for "SAKATA MAGIC" – 3D Printing Canada

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Trust me,

Bear with us a little longer, We are getting a non-abrasive black galaxy in stock as soon as we can.

@PersonWhoPrints I have not tried the esun yet, Let me know how it looks, I am curious.

I’ve run the eSun filament, it has a rough printed texture, slightly transparent filament base, and it is sparkly as hell. An unusual filament. It wasn’t good for my purposes but it may work for other people.

makerwiz, digital makers, and filaments.ca all have Prusament. It is even in stock sometimes.