Which 3d printer are you most excited about launching in 2021?

General question to the room…

2021 is supposed to have some very interesting technological innovations in 3d printing.

Which 3d printer are you most excited about launching in 2021?

I am particularly excited about the conveyor belt printers. I have no need for one, and don’t even use my existing printers as much as I should to justify how many of them I have, but they are cool so I want one.

Prusa clone and hopefully marlin custom coreXY

I’m curious as to what printers Prusa is going to release this year. They quoted 4.

The Bigtreetech BIQU BX sounds promising as it got a lot of good features and seems like it will make a good printer without having to do any upgrade. Stepper motor at .9 vs 1.8, direct drive extruder hot end, Silent 32 bit board with 2209, large touch screen with the only build in for Rasberry Pi so it looks like it might have a good future!

That looks great. 3DPC will be carrying this printer once its available.

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I personally love the Formbot Troodon

I am excited about the belt drives as well, its a way different setup and trying to get the nozzle setup is not fun. I am kind of treating is as a new printer 10 years ago, just gonnna take some hours to get it tuned

Where my Prusa XL Hype Fans at!!??! (Not sure if it’s being released this year) but I know there’s been a lot of hype for a Prusa CoreXY haha

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I find the angled belt printers to be interesting, but seems to have different issues that will be a challenge to overcome. Id like to see them used from a more traditional print orientation to promote mass production, as itll be easier to use.

Something like this.

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I’m holding out for large resin printers to get cheaper. That will get me excited.

I am new to 3D printing. I am currently looking at buying one this year. Is there a time of the year where many manufacturers usually release new printers? spring? fall?..