White PLA is abrasive

I was watching a vid on You Tub on how white PLA is quite abrasive. Raw PLA is basically a neutral colour and chips or some other colourant is added to give it the desired hue . In the case of white, the colourant is titanium oxide or dioxide, I don’t remember, which has a larger cross section and is quite a bit harder then other colourants. The results are that white PLA can wear your tips out much faster then other colours. I hope you are edified and amazed at this.

it took me a couple of kilos to realize glow in the dark has glass frags in it, had no clue until my nozzle was utterly useless

You expect PLA to be benign not vicious.

I would agree, I have never actually looked into it so I cannot confirm or deny.

Wait I know a guy, He is an absolute expert in this.

Will post what I find.

so the confirmation is in, here is the email I received back from the expert I know

Hey bud

No white is always more abrasive. It has to do with the pigment that is used to make white, white. It’s a mineral called titanium dioxide.
This mineral is inherently abrasive.

Hope that helps