White screen on a new Biqu 1 SE

I am totalt new to 3D printing and bought a Biqu 1 SE for my son.
I assembled it and did start it up, finding the screen is all White and no menue.
Any advice from you more expierenced guys? :blush:

Hi Privve

Welcome to the forum, I’m so glad you found us.

A white screen can be caused by a couple of things, Just to check the 2 most common first.

Did you double-check the power supply and make sure the voltage selector is set correctly? 110V / 220V

If you have not changed it it’s more than likely set at 220 and you will need to change it.

2nd most common thing is double-checking the cable connections on the back of the screen, Double check it’s plugged into the correct port if more than one exists, and ensure the cable is inserted in the correct orientation. don’t forget to check the same thing on the motherboard end as well.

the first suggestion is the easiest, 2nd the one is the most common. Let us know how you make out. Love to know when you get it working.