Who here has leftover ABS filament? (2-3m)

Hey gang. I want to print a fan duct for my printer. The designer of the part says not to bother trying PLA, as it can’t stand the heat. He says to use ABS

I have no other use for ABS filament for now and don’t want to order a whole spool of the stuff. So if you have leftover filament or, maybe, even if you can print the part for me, if would be appreciated. I reside in Quebec near the Lacolle border station.

On the other hand, if you think of some uses I might have for ABS filament please let me know.

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Is your machine set up for ABS and do you have an enclosure for it? You can use PETG for that also and it is suppose to be easier to print.

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ASA works quite well. Do you have an STL? I have some ASA I am in NS but there is always post.

@kitedemon I do but apparently, I can’t upload that type of file…

I followed the link from this youtube video and downloaded the file from there.

Hey @gondolin I have the files: Fan Duct 22 Degree Stock - Wide - FlowTested-3, LED Fan Duct 22 Degree Stock - Wide, LED Fan Duct 24 Degree Mod - Wide

Which one or all three? I am at work now, I have a late in the day meeting at 430 and a union meeting following that. If I have any energy left I will line these up and print them tonight. It might be tomorrow however. The ASA I have is either light grey (I think there is some) or a mint green

I can post these if you want. Let me know if you wish me to run these off for you?


Fan Duct 22 Degree Stock - Wide - FlowTested-3 grey would be fine. There is no rush for this. Just trying to tweek things to minimize clogs

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Sorry @gondolin I didn’t start it yesterday I got home after 10 pm and was wiped out. 14 hours of work meeting and union stuff was too much. I am going to slice it now and print it over night.

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No worris kidedemon. You are much too kind. Thanks so much.

I have a pair printed the overhang is a bit ugly, ocd personality, I am running it again and will post tomorrow.