Who live in Minnesota

That maybe can help me

If you tell us what you’re having problems with and post pictures we may be able to talk you through fixing whatever problems you’re having…

I need to buy what ever I need to make this work again from control bored to a control Compartment and a screen mount because I have a ender3 v2 motherboard and screen and I need help with firmwares and I’m willing to pay someone to help me getting it to work Property and I have a ender3 v2 that works just need new springs because the Shellecon spacer doesn’t let me level properly so I’m going back to Spring

So I would love to find someone in Minnesota that I can bring it to or they can come here

Well, if you look at the logo at the top of the screen it reads “3D Printing Canada”, so, as you can guess, we are mostly Canadians. That doesn’t mean that there’s no one else here from Minnesota, but it’s not too likely.

Having said that, we can try and walk you through basic testing to help you determine what you truly need to replace.

If you really, really need on-site help, I think you’d have more luck finding a Minnesotan by asking in an Ender 3 forum on Facebook.

I get my ender3 v2 working now I’m using the ender3 v2 to make a motherboard and screen and power supply case for my CR10S but I’m still trying to Is troubleshoot the issue with the CR10S