Why am I getting this?

Just purchased an ender 5plus. Printing with PETG. Starts off fine but then it stops and I get this screen pop up. I am using a brand new spool of filament.

How to fix?

Uploading: 1B28CC0B-CC0E-473A-9106-657E2364736F.jpeg…
Processing: A8855944-A3A8-478A-B7DB-1959DCF49D9E.jpeg…

is that the actual error message on the screen of your printer?

Its making ref to a jpg file and not a Gcode file? A .jpg file should not be anywhere in the equation.

Have, to be honest, that’s a new one for me. Could you give us a little more detail? From the pic you posted it looks like it gets partway through the print and then tosses an error message, is this correct?

Can you print a different Gcode file successfully? is your printer able to do other functions after the error message without having to reboot it like homing or extruding filament?

Have you recently done any upgrades or modifications to the printer?

More info is better, believe me, some of us here are pretty long-winded… LOL

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I have been able to print other files this just started happening today. They are only gcode’s I am printing. I disconnected my filament sensor going to see if that helps.

I would begin with the simplest thing try a different file and new sliced gcode. It might just be an issue with the code of design.

I would initially think that because you can print other files must just be a bad slice. Reslice it again I am sure it will be fine.