Why would I upgrade to an all metal hotend?

If you want to print ABS, nylon, or PETG exclusively, you will want the all metal hotend because it will be able to withstand the hotter temperatures needed to print these filaments. If you are printing just PLA, it is not recommended for you to install an all metal hotend. PLA is a sticky filament which can clog an all metal hotend very easily.

When it comes to an all metal hotend, to upgrade an existing machine, sometimes all it needs is a titanium or stainless steel (with PFTE liner) heatbreak!


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Would it be better if you wanted to switch back and forth from ABS and Nylon to PLA to have a whole extruder to swap, on my Biqu B1 Iā€™m pretty sure itā€™s just 2 screws and the USB-C connection to swap. Also I thought the PTFE was the problem with the higher temperature filaments?