WI printer geek

Hello, crew. I am from east central Wisconsin. My background is manufacturing with table CNC, art, and oddly enough…plastic extrusion. I make high end plastic linear lumber for a wide variety of products from decking to furniture. Call it 3D printing on a massive scale if you will.

Hobbies include 3D printing, tattooing, playing guitar, hobby class off-road RC, auto mechanics, computer repair, woodworking, video games, hunting and fishing, and probably a bunch of others i cant remember.

What I hope to gain by joining the community is a much better understanding of the hobby overall and in-turn, share what I learn with those joining behind me.


Welcome to the group Big.Jim. You will meet some very helpful people in this group and very experienced.

I like that you are into CNC. I have been a 3D designer for about 25 years or more and would love to try that someday.

I got into 3D printing about a year ago when I bought a Creality 3 S1 PLUS. I love creating my own designs and especially creating toys and things for my grandkids.

My son-in-law sells CNC cutting machines (from Italy) for the counter top stone industry all over Canada. They are a fantastic machine to see running. But at 600K to 1 million a pop might be a bit too rich for my pocket book. lol

Welcome fellow printer. I find this site very helpful for parts for cr m4.