Wieght of fan shrouds

I need a new hot end fan shroud and have printed out the one in the link. It weights 5.6 OZ. (160 Grams ) including the fans,2 40 x 20. Is that to heavy, it is compared to the original on the printer. How much will that affect print spreed and quality.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it,

For an ender 3 v2, even with all the upgrades that you have for it, you will not be able to reach the sort of accelerations needed to make this a huge concern. The weight of your bed vastly trumps the weight of the hotend and thus will be your limiting factor.

The x-axis by itself is more than capable of reaching the necessary speeds to make this an issue, but during printing the bed will slow the speeds down so much that it will not be an issue.

At this point as long as your hotend shroud isn’t as heavy as the bed, I would just print whichever shroud has the best cooling performance.


Print a ringing test before and after. It has way too many variables to say. It easily could b unique to each individual unit too. Weight at the head in theory will change ringing. In practice, it depends…