"Wrinkly" TPU Causing Inconsistent Extrusion?

Opened up a fresh batch of blue TPU filament from 3D Printing Canada, started printing with it, nothing wrong with it. It extrudes fine.

Here’s a video

Opened up a batch of black TPU, also 3D Printing Canada, which I purchased with the blue TPU on the same day. Noticed some things instantly, it was… sticking to itself? I was like, “alright, the extruder can probably still pull it”. However, I also noticed the filament itself was considerably more “wrinkly” and “dented” than the blue. I decided to start a print and watched as the purge line goes down, that’s when I saw the inconsistent extrusion.

Here’s a video
Video of it printing (I cancelled the print immediately after this)

I highly doubt this is an extruder issue because like mentioned before, other flexible filaments, like the blue TPU and also Spectrum SFLEX, extrude properly.

Best to contact 3DPC and talk to them about this. It sounds like a filament issue.

HI @cy1der

Yes, I would agree, I think you did get a bad roll.

Would you mind trying something until I can get the roll out to you?

Reel off about 10 meters of filament the cut it off, See if it’s the same deeper in the roll. Maybe you can salvage some of the roll to get your print going?

Can you DM me your Order number and I will get a replacement on the way to you.

Thanks for letting us know.

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Thanks, I already contacted support and they offered to replace my spool.

I will try your 10 meter suggestion.

It appears to be the same throughout, I ended up unloading way more than 10 meters and saw no difference.

Hi @cy1der

Thanks for letting me know.

must be a beginning or an end spool, Once in a while, we do get a bad one, luckily it’s not common. We will always take care of our customers when this comes up.

Sorry about the trouble.