X / Y shift while printing

Hi Guys

I’m printing with a CR 10 Max .4mm nozzle . Creality PLA
The printer has been printing great, until this print.
It looks like the X /Y shifted during the print and then cam back to home again.
Anyone with ideas ?


HI Mike

Looks like the shift was only in one direction, Do you know what direction it moved in? X or Y

I am suspecting it was probably X as a move in the Y direction with the duel belts is fairly rare.
I would check for a loose set screw on the drive gear, Broken or missing teeth on the belt or an idler bearing seizing up. my gut would lean me towards a belt or knocked tooth because it seemed to recover for whatever reason.

I had something like that but it only happened the one time so I assumed it was a corrupted slice file.