You have to see this new g-coding method

This group has come out with a new way to write gcode without a slicer that preforms print miracles, high overhang and NO SUPPORT.
The program is supposed to be released to the public, free, in a few weeks. You can go to this website and try some test prints now. The test prints are small and there will no doubt be limitations but if they get this to work on any sized print then it will be a real game changer.
The martini glass has a few issues, the stem is only 1 mm in diam. and no supports

this is an overhang test, about 80 deg.

The next two are also over hang test with no support. Perfect prints

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Wow that would be amazing for sure. I have a personal project that I want to do soon and something like that will not only save a lot of filament but time as well. Looking forward to trying it out.

I designed a loading pocket for a mine in the US and I want to build a scale model of it for a display in my mining history room.

Hard to say how there finished program will work as far as our project are concerned. Hopefully it will work for us. All these prints seemed to be one layer-ish thick.

P.S. I printed mine on a Ender 3V2. Not all printer are supported as of now.

If you watch the videos on their website. It shows you how to set it up for a specific printer.

From what I am reading you will be able to program the path for the nozzle to follow for your print. But I think that any user will need a very good knowledge of all gcodes.

Well, I don’t have a good knowledge about anything any more.