You know when the universe is out to get you

I did a 12.5 HR print Monday and when I was done I found out I didn’t leave enough clearance space to do what it was to do. Into the scrap bin.

Yesterday I restarted the print, again, when I buggered up my knee and had to stop the print so I could spend the day in Emergency.

Today I reworked the model and I got the time down to 9.5 HR print time, started the print and about 10 min. before it was done the power went out. When I tried to resume the print the nozzle was plugged and…

Sliced off the offending bit and I’m currently trying to print it (to be glued on after) but I’m not hopeful.

There is a thunder storm going on now so there is a realistic chance I will be struck by lightening, inside my house.

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Wow! That’s a pretty impressive streak of bad luck! Sounds like you’re about due for a turn for the better.

Sometimes it is better to just stay in bed, under the covers with a good book!

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I doubt it.

I have had a wife that has been severely chronically ill for the last 45 years. I don’t see things getting much better.

I’m very sorry to hear that,

Hopefully things can get better for you soon.

That’s life, but some times you just want to drink the Koolaid.

I am dreading an upcoming print that i have coming up cura is calling it 2 days 18 hours+

Have you considered consulting a witch doctor for a protection spell?

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Another blow from the PTB’s.

I was printing another job, trying to use up some “end of roll” materials and 2 minutes before it was done I ran out of filament. Luckily the run out detector worked and the machine followed the proper procedure for a filament change so I survived.


I haven’t got one of those its simply watch and hope I check soon enough

they are about $10 on Amazon IF your mother board is equipped to mount one.