You might want to consider having embedded links open in a new tab

I just read a post regarding a chart of different filament types. The link included takes you to a chart published on Simplify3D’s web site. However, in following it, you get taken out of I’d suggest it’s better form to have these links open in a new tap (as Facebook does).

thanks Lego, I will let the webmaster have a look at that.

Appreciate the feedback

@LEGOManiac This has been updated in the site settings. By default external links will open in a new tab. This -may- not change your settings as you are an existing user. If not, go to your user preferences → Interface → Check “Open all external links in a new tab” and hit Save Changes.

Links to other urls will open in the same tab, you will need to either right click (long tap on mobile) and open in new tab for those links.

Let us know if you have any questions

yes! and if you are reading from the unread topics list, when you get back your topic is no longer in the list (because it’s now read) so it’s easy to lose where you where. I’d prefer if that list bolderized for unread or the changed the font on what has been read rather that just not show you the topic anymore.

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