YouTuber Makes Metal Terminator Skull with Lost PLA Casting

YouTube recommendations can lead down some strange rabbit holes sometimes.

My own recommendations mainly consist of videos of people eating 50-year old MRE rations and Finnish people crushing things in hydraulic presses. Both great channels.

And sometimes, the recommendation algorithm can lead to wonderful and informative little gems, such as this video from YouTuber AndysMachines, who has used lost PLA casting (and a whole bunch of other manufacturing processes) to fashion a metal Terminator skull.

We like the Lost PLA method of casting around here. We have looked at its ancestor, lost wax casting has been evolving in Industry 4.0 before in this previous article.

While 3D printing does play a fairly small (but significant) role in the creation of the skull, the entire process itself is great to watch and shows how much skill and patience is involved in making such an item from scratch.

You can see the first step of the skull manufacture in the image below. Here we see the various skull pieces printed from PLA.


recently picked up a whole spin casting line including 2 melters 2 centrifuges vulcanizer and a polishing machine and all the molds from the business that was producing products and Jewelry. I can use this process for making the molds but one step simpler because the molds are silicone to make the master parts then use the masters for the vulcanizing. Iā€™d love to do this too for some machine parts but Iā€™d need to have a melter than can do brass and aluminum. Mine only do white metals

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