Z axis easily going out of alignment

Hello to all … I seem to have an issue with the Z axis going out of alignment … I did notice there is no belt ta the top on the posts … should there be a belt there … the sprockets are there … just no belt.

Thank You

There is indeed supposed to be a belt there that keeps the left and right side lead screws in sync.

Fortunately, they aren’t expensive. Double check the measurements before you buy one, though.

Thank You for that … I measured and indeed it is 760mm … will call the store to see if they have them in stock.

Take Care

can confirm they are in stock :slight_smile:

Is this an X1 or x2? Yes there should be a belt, did you buy it new? Did they ship it with no belt? Not that that would surprise me. If you bought it new they should replace it. I would order one anyway. their tech support is very very slow, they take weeks to reply in my experience. I eventually got the hot end, bed, bed heater, and hot end board, x and y axis boards replaced free. Oh I forgot the top gantry cross member.

QC issues abound. If it is use check your wiring inside. Some are fine some (mine) is a disaster, i re placed all the connectors not one was free of bare wires. :astonished:

Hi kitedemon … I have 2 Artillery’s … both x1 and I have bought them used and neither one has a Z Gantry belt ? … I don’t understand how they could print properly ? … I’m sure once I get the belts installed it should go better :slight_smile:

I certainly hope I don’t have the issues you are experiencing !!

Take Care

From what I see online, the X1 has dual stepper motors on the left and right sides. In a perfect world, those stepper motors will turn in sync and will hold their positions when the power is off, thus keeping the gantry level without the need for a synchronisation belt across the top.

I hear what your saying in theory … but for some reason the gantry is not keeping it’s position … my understanding through research … people removed the Z Gantry belt because of banding issues … I will soon find out

There is no easy way to keep the two steppers in sync with out the belts. The banding i found to be a product on the stupid spool placement at the top. and the unsupported gantry.

I decided a while ago to go with a dryer system so I have eliminated the spool on the Gantry … at that point I’m hoping I will not have to Brace the Gantry Supports.