Z axis not moving when printing

Hey guys,

So I have a Creality CR 10S, it runs on firmware DW 7.4.6 (See pciture attached). I’ve had it since the begining of the year, and although it had some issues it was always related to calibration and after performing the calibration the printer work smoothly.

About two weeks ago the printer started to act up, after further inspection it was clear that the Z axis will move for a couple of layers and at some randoom layer # it will stop moving on the Z axis. I attempted to print the same file about 3-4 times and every time the Z axis will stop moving at a different layer. Causing the printer to clog and moreover to dig on the print.

I replaced the heating block and the nozzle, I calibrated the machines more times that I can remember, I also tried printing a Calibration Cube and to my surprise it worked, I assumed the issue was fixed but when I tried to print the file it failed again.

I have attached the files that I am attempting to print, I use Cura as the slicer.

The material that I am currently using is the Creality PLA, I had to test the material and found that for good adhesion usign bed temp of 87 is best and nozzle temp of 220. I did had successful prints with this material and this settings before.

At the moment I do not have pictures of attemped prints as I got frustated and throw them into the garbage :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

If I use the control screen and move the axis up and down it works, also opening the leveling screen the printer will move properly.

I have opened the back of the printer and check the contacts and clean any dust, tighten the screws on the ball screw of the Z axis.

Not sure what is happening.

I have also attached the GCode file of the print I was attempting to. And also GCode of succesfull prints (Download in this link https://we.tl/t-TRRo60woaB ). Both with same settings and material.
WhatsApp Image 2023-05-12 at 6.27.19 PM

Try reseating all the plugs from motherboard to motor and all points in between. Unplug and re-plug all connections 3 or 4 times and see if it helps the signal again be stable. Of course make sure the whole system is unplugged from the wall during this.

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Hey Sonic,

Thanks for your reply,

I have resetted all the connections on the board. After that I loaded two different prints and started the jobs on the printer without material to confirm if the end position of the Z axis matches the values on the touchscreen. Both prints worked and the Z axis moved well during the print.

I am starting a print with PETG material today, it is a 20h print so I’ll keep you updated on the results.

Hey Sonic,

My printer is been running smoother, now I am even able to print PETG at 100mm/s with no issues and good quality.

Thanks for the advice it worked.

Hey @Cris Could I inquire for exactly what screenware and firmware you used for your Cr-10 s pro? any modifications or stock printer? I see you’re using tiny machines? I’m trying to get mine working again but various firmwares don’t seem to work.

So glad it worked for you. Happy to have helped and also happy you let me know. I had a little trouble with logging into this site during the last week or so and this stopped me from being able to post for a while.
I’M BACK :slight_smile:

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Hey Buddy,

Check out this video, this might help.

My printer is stock. Is been running super smooth, I was also able to print PETG and PLA at 90 - 100mm/s with good quality results.