Z axis seems to be stuck

Anyone ever experienced their z axis getting stuck? I tried to do an auto home and mine won’t lower. I tried to go into the move axis settings and move it to zero but it won’t go down. It will go up.

Not to be pedantic, but if it goes up, then it’s not stuck. It appears to think that it’s already as low as at can go whenever you try to move it down. Check that your Z-axis limit switch isn’t being triggered by a piece of debris or a wayward cable, or that the switch itself just plain works. Check the cable for the limit switch to ensure that it’s plugged in at both ends properly. If your printer has a BLTouch, make sure the probe is lowering all the way and not sticking in the up or partially up position.

All of these things are indistinguishable (to the controller) from a Z-axis that is already as low as it can go, so the printer refuses to lower it any further.