Z- axis sensor and leveling

Hey all,

First time I noticed something was wrong was starting a new print and the nozzle was just dragging the heat pad around.

I investigated, I changed the springs, tried leveling but everything was still too high. Come to find out my z axis sensor was loose and had been shifting downwards. Okay

I try setting the z-axis about close to where my bed is sitting with the springs not under pressure. Cool.

Then I try any other corner, they’re too high and I can’t level it down enough, it’s like corner 1 is too low. Holy hell I am driving myself insane! Also noticed the actual metal pad everything sits on is slated high on back, with a difference of 1/8".

So where am I supposed to have the z-axis sensor sitting? How do I fix this?

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You need to set it up pretty much when you’re beef is level and tight (at least I did). This article explains it pretty well.

Side note - I upgraded to a bl touch and have never had to fuss with it ever again

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Yeah I’m going to try again today to level it. I just get so frustrated then I have to set it aside before I want to yeet the whole thing off the balcony.

As for the bl touch, I’ve looked at it, but I am super wary of it because I have no experience with upgrading boards/software side of things. I am so scared I’m going to brick the whole damn thing.

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Also not two minutes after my last post my printer decided it wanted to cooperate and become level. Nothing like technology to make you feel stupid.

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