12864 LCD Screen for CR10s pro V2?

Has anyone here swapped the touchscreen on the CR10s pro V2 for a 12864 LCD screen? Supposedly there are features you get by doing that that you don’t with the touchscreen. Is it worth doing??

Cant say ibe tried it, but i do prefer the marlin UI when i dont use the touchscreen on my other printer which has a BTT TFT 35.

Do you have a 12864 screen to try this out? I happen to have 2 spare ones, but just have been busy latley, though i could try it out to see what happens.

I don’t but I was looking at this and thought it wouldn’t be a hugely pricy upgrade if there was value in doing it:

Id say its a bit of a preference/just cause sort of modification. The benifits they list are available, if not on the stock firmware, atleast on the tinymachine firmware (which i have i believe). It defidently is mroe intuitive id say, but you lose out on a few small features id say.

The babysteps, is active on my stock touchscreen, i adjust it sometimes when i dont like how the abl was working.

Probe offset, of your going to keep the stock x gantry, and abl then there likley isnt much of a need to access this.

The esteps i can set through pronterface for sure, and once thats done you dont likley need to set it again unless you suspect issues.

Acceleration/jerk can be tuned in your slicer and set through pronterface i believe. Though i havent really played around with it much.

Thermal runaway protection - i think the new creality firmware has this enabled, though tinymachine firmware has it enabled so by changing screens this isn’t special.

IMO like i said, the screen change dosent really unlock anything just gives you a different view based on preference.

Hmmm then I think I won’t bother. I had adopted Nic Wilson’s firmware but he’s since abandoned trying to deal with the touchscreen on the Pros so I either needed to switch to the new screen and update to his new FW or I’ll either stick with what I have or go back to TinyMachines. Nic’s is great as he’s constantly updating it to deal with Marlin bugs (way faster than TM it seems). Plus I like that Nic’s does a way more granular ABL probing. Not sure if I’d be losing out on anything else other than that tho.

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So I changed my mind. I decided I wanted to be able to use all the possible functionality in Marlin so I’m going to swap out the screen. It’s a non-destructive, inexpensive, change so if I want to I can always go back to the touchscreen.

That said, the adapter you need to make it a solderless change is only available from TH3D and it would cost me $15 in shipping for a $5 part. I’ll have to get a buddy of mine in the States to buy it and ship to me. What a pain!

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what functionality are you missing with your current touch screen?

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sorry read the buffer, i missed the discussion, and I guess I didn’t realize these things weren’t already on all printer LCDs to use. I’ve only had my B1s and all those things are already there on the touch screen. e-steps was new in a firmware update though and I’m glad because doing it just on marlin was a pain

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Yeah the CR10s Pro touchscreen is somewhat limited. Kind of a pain.

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Just wondering, is it possible to plug in a tft 35 screen? Giving you both marlin interface and a touchscreen option.

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Might be possible but you’d have to have support for it in the firmware. One of the reasons I’m confident in this going forward is I know Nic Wilson is actively updating his fork of Marlin that works with this screen. I suppose I could ask if he would be able to do a version with that one.

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that’s funny there’s a video might be good info for you

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