-14 Temperature Reading

Hi everyone, was changing the nozzle on my printer which I have done many times before and out of nowhere it started beeping. When it stopped i noticed the temp reading was at -14 and whenever i tried heating the nozzle up it beeped and reset

Hello Gargled Milk

It’s Very possible that you now have a Broken or disconnected Wire on your Thermistor
It’s the x2 smaller white wires on that hotend


Yes those wires are crazy easy to break.

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Yes for certain. When you get it replaced my advise it keep the wires contained. I know the resistive wires shouldn’t really be close to heat cart wires but personally I do that anyway so I am less likely of breaking them when I change nozzles.

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Luckily the thermistors are about $5, easy fix, I agree though, its prolly just a broken wire.

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