3D Printing Canada - Carbon Fiber PETG Printing Issues

in my experience with the HouseBrand Carbon Petg from 3DprintingCanada, it seems like it no longer actually has carbon dust inside. Im finding it now warps where it would never warp before, it doesnt stick to PEI like it use too either.

I have purchased several rolls of this stuff and the recent stuff seems different. maybe they boxed Matte Black Petg instead of Carbon, I dont know.

I’m very sorry to see that you are having problems with our petg Carbon fiber. I can assure you The formula has not changed I just printed some of a fresh roll today for a customer. Potentially maybe do you have a mechanical issue with your printer. If not feel free to call and ask for P.J at the store I would love to help you out more


perhaps it was a bad batch, But I have never had Carbon petg warp and it warping easily now.
nothing wrong with the machine. print surface seems great. This isnt my first rodeo lol :slight_smile:

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HI @adamfilip

A bad batch is always possible, even a bad roll has happened a time or 2 with a lot of filaments. To be honest our house brand is usually very dependable. The first thing I would try is to pull off a meter or 2 of it and just try the print again. If its issues with the roll we will fix it for you.

I spent all day trying to get it to stick, reprinted same job 3 times, so im sure Ive gone through 10m+ in the process. its very odd to be honest, Im using a textured PEI sheet and normally this stuff sticks too well. in the end I just swapped in some PLA+ and its working fine, no warping or adhesion issues.

Do you know what percentage of Carbon Dust/Particles is in the filament being sold?

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I actually do not know off hand, Let me send an email and see what answer I get.

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Our house brand is 10% CF, our 3DXtech is up to 30%


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Neat, i havent tried carbon fiber material yet, but i appreciate the info on whats inside it. Also +2 for customer service here :slight_smile:

thanks, guys appreciate the good feedback. I never used to print a lot of CF but since starting it I am always impressed with its finish. It’s very MATTE looking, no shine at all, Layer lines all but disappear and the strength is a huge bonus.

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