Issue with House Brand Filaments

I would like to say, I agree. Your “house” products are very much good products. I have had issues with your pla in the past. Thrown out a few spools. Maybe its more of a problem then you may know? Cheers

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HI @HydroStatics

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us. I like to pride myself on the fact that if people have issues with our product we will work with you to find a solution. If a roll is bad we take care of it. I would guess off-hand 90% of the time it’s usually a machine or environmental issue. If it’s a bad roll I’ll replace it or discount towards another purchase, not an issue. I cannot solve a problem I was never made aware of though. If you have an issue you have to let us know. It’s part of the reason we have the forum up to let customers and users freely work through issues.

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Jason, as I agree. personally I have found it far more of an annoyance when printing a new product or a prototype to Send the Email-Go through the stupid questions-And then have my 6 machine I custom built critiqued. I have many sources for product. I buy maybe 10 rolls of product and a few parts per month from you, yet I have many other sources I buy up to 100 2kg (Sometimes none :(). I keep testing the water with your company because I really do like the fact that your local, Canadian and pretty dam good guys. But to expect me to stop my small operation when I have an issue with a pla spool of black @ 19.99 would be crazy even if I could solve the issue in less then 4 emails. It would cost me money. As your products improve and as The industry grows as a whole I look forward in doing more business with you in the future. Keep up your hard work.


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Im curious what issues youve had? I think ive had a “wet” spool or 2, but thats been the only fault ive had.

We appreciate your comments and I would love the opportunity to work with you to find the right product with the best printability for your application. Reviewing your account history with our company, I can see very few rolls of house brand filament purchased here and if one or multiple of those rolls caused an issue that resulted in you choosing not to purchase from our company in the future then I would like to personally apologize for that. Our goal is always to ensure customers are 100% satisfied.

We would love the opportunity to replace any of these rolls (without the need to return them to us since some of them may have been discarded) and we would like to work with you on an open line of communication for future issues whereby we would request the bad filament rolls to be returned to us in order for us to properly report this back to our manufacturers. In our 5+ year business history, we have never had a completely defective batch from our suppliers and on extremely rare cases we have the odd roll which doesn’t print correctly. With us supplying hundreds of thousands of rolls of filament to our customers each year we feel extremely confident with our product quality and our ability to supply large volumes of good filament to our bulk end-users.

If you could please contact me directly at chris (AT) I would appreciate the opportunity to resolve your concerns directly. We appreciate your continued business and we look forward to working closely together in the future.

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