5+ Heating less on one side...?

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I’ll get to the point with my question then explain: Is it POSSIBLE to have the heated bed start to fail on the Left side only? or is it an all or nothing thing…? (EDITed before posting… your “Your topic is similar to”… popup has told yes one section can fail… but could this be a sign that it is failing? or would it be a full stop in that section?

I know that the go-to (and more often then not is true) answer to my problem is “level-the-bed”, but for the moment, lets all agree that the bed-visualizer in Octoprint, is telling the true story of a nice green level plate… I have a Ender 5+ , that I have been printing well enough for the last 2 years on. I knew from day 1 there is a slight warp to the bed (high centre…) , but I have worked around it for many great projects. After 4, 3day prints of a Moon Knight mask/cowl parts, I am now getting nothing to stick on the left side of the bed.

As a test (knowing it wouldn’t be perfect) I used a temperature “gun” from the local hardware store to see if there was a heat issue. I found that the left side was 5-10deg less then the right. (the right was spot on to the Ender display) So… is it possible… that one side of a heated bed could be failing… or is it a all-or-nothing system.?


Very possible. The heat bed probably consists of two resistive heater circuits wired in parallel.

Chances are a trace has failed due to mechanical fatigue after a couple of years of heating/cooling.

Probably the only solution is to replace it.


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Thank you. The bandaid pull hurt. But less than not being able to use the $1000 paperweight it currently is. :D. And hey. I might fix the warp. :slight_smile:

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