ABS printing broke my hot end coupler!

I set my slicer to print at 240C nozzle, 105C bed, ABS filament, 0.6mm nozzle diameter. 0 fan speed. Added a raft to prevent ABS warping and draft shield. Covered my printer with my makeshift cardboard enclosure. Attempted to print a small ABS nozzle. At one point, the coupler attached to my hot end had its top pop off and the PTFE tube completely separated from my hot end!

Any recommendations on a better coupler? I am hoping to find one that is all metal so this doesn’t happen again.

Is it too late to send a photo. I’m trying to visualise this.

Enjoy. You will have a good laugh.

Subject: Re:[## 15215 ##] Broken connector

Good Morning Darrick,

Exploding couplers happen. Not sure of All metal ones.
I know the FESTO ones are really good

These are designed from Airline fittings, 120-150PSI max pressure.
there can be way more pressure in the Bowden tube then that!

Your ABS settings look good, for that machine!

I personally use Skirts not Rafts, unless bottom is not flat or small surface area/Volume ratio.
Skirt vs Rafts will not affect final print really

Capricorn Makes fittings that are claimed to hold higher Pressures.