Anyone use a filament drier?

Anyone use a filament drier? I was looking at an eSun one.

I was debating getting one because I store my filament in the open, but I’ve never really noticed any printing issues directly due to moisture, even on year old PETG/PLA.

If you use one, does it make a difference for you?
Does it improve overall print quality?
Is it worth investing in even if I cant spot an issue?

I have 2 ESun dryer and no issue, I use one for my prints feed to the printer, it also measures the weight on the filament spool.

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I use a commercial one at work. It does make a difference.
I modified a food dehydrator for the one at home, works just as well but cheaper.


I know the ESun shows the weight and temperature, but does it also show the humidity?

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No, time, 4 temp setting, empty spool weight, reset weight are the function adjustable.
So no humidity display!!
I suppose you could stick one inside!!

I own a Sunlu unit. It has rollers in it so you can print directly from the dryer to to the printed. Of course, the problem with that is, if you only have one, you can put a spool in it to prepare the next batch. I regretted not getting two. You print with one and dry in the meantim.

But with my printer enclosure, the rel humidity is 10%. So now, I dry and remove the spools and leave them in the encloure and print directley from the spool out of the dryer.

It is a show of faith for me. I read it was better to use one, and a Kickstarter happened and figured «Why not», It cost me 30 USD.


I did not know it could measure the spool weight!
I’m sold :heart_eyes::rofl:


mine does not :disappointed:

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I just modified a food dehydrator and set up a dry box for my filaments. I suspect i did have some moisture issues resulting in pla filament breaking. I mostly just left that filament alone untill i put it into the dehydrator, and then it printed fine. I dont print from the drybox or dehydrator, but i do dry the filament when putting it away.


I use one. I haven’t noticed any difference with PLA, a small difference with Petg, but Nylon, you must have one.

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I use a basic, round food dehydrator from Cabelas. I remove the trays, cut the bottom and top rim off of a white bucket, place the bucket on the dehydrator, filament inside the bucket, and the dehydrator lid on top. Run it for about 4 hours on medium and it comes out perfect. I live on the wet coast so I have to dry pretty much every roll prior to printing.


Here are the specs for temp on the ESun Dryer

This might help if you have an sun or a scale.

Empty spool weights


I have one of the SunLu ones.
Kind of basic but has rollers so you can dry & print at the same time.
If your not printing your roll is not turning.
There is no fan so the heat is probably not distributed well.
I am thinking of putting a baby fan similar to ones in RPi’s inside in the top of the chamber.
Wires can go thru 1 of 2 filament openings.

I do not really need it yet with dry electrical baseboard heating but spring/summary will bring open windows and humidity…

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Mine is also a Sunlu. It has an advantage it takes a bit wider roll than esun. That is why I bought it, some rolls I have are just a touch too wide. It works it isn’t perfect.

Spurred on by this thread, I just received an eSun from Amazon. Now I’m awaiting a hygrometer.

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I use a unit from printdry
It works great and also the temperature is more than the one from esun
I have been very happy with this and yes it makes a huge difference even with PetG

I use a food grade dehumidifier and can feed my printer from that.

Wanted to use our food dehumidifier, but the wife said «No!»

All kidding aside, but the ones I saw were to big to fit inside my enclosure.

While I’m actually surprised that they don’t just build filament dryers right into the printers themselves, you don’t have to print from the dryer for the dryer to be useful. Mine is sitting at the other end of the room just because there’s no more room on my desk. I’m drying each roll of filament before putting them back in their respective bags.