Belt clamps with grub screws

Hi y’all

I added the rubber dampeners to the NEMA 17s on my printer, but a belt came loose. I cannot get a zip-tie back on the end. I see there is a belt clamp with a grub screw on the 3D Printing Canada store. Does that fit 2 ends of a belt together and the grub screw holds the 2 ends together?

I suppose if it does not clamp 2 ends together I can use it, by sliding it down the belt and tightening the grub screw. I’ll just go buy them and see. You guys are so helpful! :slight_smile:

hi, @myearwood65 Welcome to the forum, I’m glad you found us.

YEs, the intention for those belt clamps is to hold 2 ends of the belt, however, I have never thought to use them just with 1 end, Don’t think it would work as well but in a pinch, I am sure it would work.

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They work perfectly.

That’s awesome glad they worked for you. Any other issues just let us know.