Best Adhesive for PLA?

I currently printing a 8 pcs Mando helmet and will need to glue it together once completed.
Some pieces will be glued edge to edge which is about 1/4 " thick edge so it needs to be strong adhesive, what would be the best option for this project?

I’m printing the same thing, I plan on using CA glue to hold the parts together then use a soldering iron to melt/weld the joints on the inside.

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I’m with eeffoc on the CA glue. Some thick or gap filling would be best. You could also look at using some fiberglass and fiberglass resin to strength on the inside.

Something I think a lot of people don’t think of when using CA glue is that you can buy curing spray that causes it to adhere almost immediately. You apply the glue to 1 part and the curing spray to the other. Instant super glue.


With the Accelerator Spray it makes so much heat in a tiny area(Where the super glue is) that it melts the plastic and bonds together.

hmmm… wasn’t aware there was any heat generation. Never felt anything with my HPD CA and accelerator.

I’ve been using gorilla glue, the gel one. Super easy to work with as it dosen’t run all ove the the part. I’m finding that it’s pretty quick in its drying time about 15 min to work with a bit lloner to fully cure.

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I just use the gel gorilla glue. Seems to work for me anyway.

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Mitre bond comes with the accelerator spray, comes as a large quantity (I still have some after repairing 8-10 vintage ww1 rifle stocks that can’t be found anymore, and building 2 airplanes for my daughters from wood) and is cheap its a home depot product I believe.

Never tried this but what about the plastic welders you can get from princess auto for like 60$
download (2)

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Hello Benchy.

I bought one of those from Princess Auto, I mostly used it for repairing the bases of laptops, and where the Ferrules that hold the hinges broke free.

Later I bough a 3D printing pen, that was compatible with ABS @ 250C, I’ve used it instead.

Does the welder work well? I’ve been hemming and hawing on whether or not to buy one.

Yes, pretty good. Sand with 60 or 80 grit first. (Optional: Warm print with Hot air gun).

then bond with the filler rods. Switch to largest head, smoothen with the Iron in kit.

Sand or finish as you like

Note: Fillers are an ABS like material

3D Gloop worked great for me -when I could get it. Mostly I use Gorilla glue CA.