BIQU B1 by BigTreeTech - This things neat

The BIQU B1 by BigTreeTech is a cool machine because as most users know one of the most popular upgrades on a Creality Ender 3 is a Big Tree Tech SKR mini-board. Packed with Big Tree Tech components and with a one-click BLTouch activation in the menu the BIQU B1 by BigTreeTech is force to be reckoned with.

Does anyone have any experience with the BIQU B1 by BigTreeTech?

What are your thoughts on the standard feature list over other printers in its class?

Have you seen the 3DPC unboxing video?


Absolutely love it. Takes anything you throw at it, drowns it in hot sauce and devours it… prints Sainsmart TPU like it is on a mission from God. Makes house brand PETG look like two supermodels had a baby, and that baby was plastic.
My only question: will it print nylon? Looks like it won’t get hot enough. Anyone tried it?


Hey Ted

I don’t think it would, I agree the hot end won’t get hot enough

Bummer. The corner office will be be frowny when I tell her we need another printer. :wink:


Greetings from Colorado Springs! The printer is amazing. I got it specfically to be the intermediate between my Ender 3 V2 and CR10S Pro V2. And it’s doing exactly what I hoped it would do.
I used the unboxing video when I put it together. Here’s a question for anyone who can help me out…I’ve noticed that paper-strip leveling is a little tricky. The bed plate corners are always looser than the center which has a tendency to be very tight. So much so that at times the filament is spread so thin it’s hardly visible or half the initial layer is good on the outside but very thin toward the center. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Les


I was very tempted for this one but I think I will wait for the BIQU BX it has pretty well what i’m Looking for in a printer, I think it will be a good printer with time!!

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Same here. I got to where you did, then adjusted all four corners equally until the center felt right. Wasn’t perfect but the next time I leveled the bed it had worked itself out.

mine was ok flat wise. I ended up adding bl touch anyway.

I was told a firmware update and new all metal heatbreak would get it into ABS and Nylon


Correct— we have a big print job we are working on and with 5 BIQU B1’s in the fleet we converted them to Volcano heat blocks to print Nylon. Our techs installed: E3D Clone Kraken All-Metal Multi-Extruder Titanium Heat Break For 1.75 - 3D Printing Canada with a volcano block/nozzle setup.

If you need more assistance I’m sure @Jason or @Keith can assist.


What does the aluminum heat block do for you? is the original one steel?

I have the BLT on the CR 10 V2 and once i figured out to use it, it’s been spot on every print. Was the BLT easy to install and does it work?

I think it’s all part of getting to know the machine.


Well this is exciting.
To clarify: is a heat block the same as a heat break?
Corner office says 10 dollar solution better than new printer solution.

Hey @Ted Take a look at this picture!

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Hey Thanks, Tony!
Gonna do a little proctology on my machine to see if that heat block will fit in that fancy fan system it has.

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You’re not doing anything wrong. I’ve assembled a few of the BiQu printers and they have all been the same. Paper level the corners perfectly and the center is too close. Adding a BLtouch is super easy and will help eliminate the problem.

BL touch installed actually easier than in the instructions for it. I think the newer machines have a different bracket and you can eliminate the springs. Sometimes the BL touch will fail during probing but it’s usualy because I didn’t power cycle the machine after one print before starting the next and nobody else seems to have this problem I have mailed Bigtree about it and a few other little bugs but besides the restart issue I have no trouble.

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Hello. Im a little late to the party but wanted to share my feeling about my B1. To start off i have an artillary x1, a wanhao i3mini, some unkown DPX thing and now this B1. I had purchased the tronxy xy-2 pro but it was a total peice are garbage in my opinion. Other people has had success and thats fine for them. Soo i got the B1 to replace the tronxy as my mid sized daily machine. After arrival and setup ive had many issues with my B1. It started with the gantry arms not beeing spaced equally so i had to flex the chassis to get them to line up. Then the drive gear on the x axis was machined off center so it lobed around creating tension issues. Then i got it together and did a few small tests and it seemed ok. But the bed was always high in center and not flat. once i sliced my own file i was having x axis shutdowns, filament extrusion error messages. The filament would unload itself after prints. I tried firmware backdates and updates and custom firmware and every step gave new issues.
Now im waiting on a reply from BIQU about what to do next. It makes me sad becouse BTT makes awesome stuff so how did this go so badly.

On the good side. When i got it to print successfully the print quality was great. Nice smooth z axis surfaces, very little strigning even with PETG, great interface. I really want to love it!

Sounds good on the BL Touch, thanks!