Cable Extension

I want to relocate my power supply because lm building an enclosure. Does anyone know if they sell extension cables that are pretty long. Or if any one knows what kind of connectors l would need to extend myself.

Generally they are ring or spade connectors they are easy to come by. Be certain your wires are rated for the load you need.



What about the wires that connect to the Motors, limit switch etc.

Depends on the printer, There are a fleet of connectors although the only ones on a power supply I have ever seen is the ring or spade. The others are not rated to mains power.

JST XH are common sometimes ZM or Molex pico blade, oh Dupont are also common.




Molex Picoblade

Dupont (in single row and also dual row)

Add to the complication I have seen Chinese printers use dissimilar connections. A Dupont 4 pin into a JST-XH. It is a nightmare because the XH is a keyed connector but the Dupont is not. Hot melt glue to hold it in place…