Calibration objects - what do you use

HI Everyone

I know when everyone first fires up the new toy out of the box first 2 prints are calibration cube and a benchy. I get it and I have 100s of benchies and cubes to prove it. Lets be honest can get a little boring.

I started printing some warship benchies and now my boys now have the battle of the Pacific every time its bath time in the house… Needless to say docking space and drydock time is at a premium in that bathroom.

The Girls like Cali Cat and Cali Dog, I’ve had to call the PLASPCA to round up the random Black white and pink dogs and cats. I’m afraid if a warship comes off drydock its going to be old McDonalds messed up farm. I was afraid the cali cats were getting bored so I introduced Cali Mouse. Now on top of the rest of it I have a rodent problem.

I think at this point I may have a printing problem… but I digress

I was looking around today for a different calibration to print and came across this one that I thought was almost a torture.

is there something that you all use for a calibration, something cool but not really same ol, same ol?

Not really a calibration tool, but i always print a phone stand with prettymuch every type of filament i get. You would think id have enough around the house, but after printing more than a dozen, i still cant find them sometimes XD.


I love that one, print it a few times. Good test for fine details.

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I bought this from Angus I like to support the first person to design something. It is not easy. The razor stand is an easy print but i like it and it does test ringing ok, and speed. The engine is not easy either.

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just watched the video on the 3 cylinder motor, pretty cool. That I am gonna try, gonna be a touch one but that is the point.

I was printing chain mail for a little while, that was a whole new lesson in frustration

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I have never printed a benchy or calibration cube on any of my printers.


The engine is cool but super hard. It is a real trial on a lot of levels. I plan to try a toaster but have yet to get there.

For Cura I use this script it’s worked well for me

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I mostly use three.

-A cute hamster, to see the general finish of some filament. Usually i use this one to check blobs, retraction, surface finish etc…

-The Cube castle for the usual calib cube:

And when i wanna check my print in place hability, i have made my own print-in-place foldable house. Pretty tight in tolerances (.3mm) and the more i make, the more ill have for my christmas village… :laughing:


oh the little foldable is very cool.

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Where can I find the STL for these? - and the trees?


Yep! This is it!!! :slight_smile:


that’s great, this just another reason why I love the Forum, sharing of information and new ideas

Thanks for the Share @Pa1 truly appreciate it

just bought your house, Wish all houses where that cheap

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Thanks Jason! Did you print it? :stuck_out_tongue: Im curious! :slight_smile:

yes I did, It fused on one of the hinges for the roof but that was a machine issue 100%, rest of it worked perfectly.

Will post a pic in a min

no cleanup, straight off the bed

Just printed mine yesterday. I also had one fused hinge on the roof. The rest of it printed just fine. I note that Jason’s roof doesn’t want to snap closed either. I had chalked it up to the broken hinge causing a mis-alignment, but I do think the clip/snap/whatever you want to call it at the top of the roof should bind the two halves together better to compensate for any misalignments.

I agree, I think it does click together but I busted the hinge good, the other roof hinge may have bound a little and deformed as I freed it up. either way, it was totally a printer failure, cannot get this machine to do print in place at all…

I strictly resin print, so my calibration prints are a bit different. Anytime I change resins or settings, i print a calibration matrix. It prints in 6 minutes, and I can see what needs to be tweaked.

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