Christmas in July?

So would anyone be interested in a secret santa sort of thing for July 25th?

Im asking beacuse i participate in the reddit gift exchange and it happens to be finishing up this year.

What I had in mind was we could send out a 3d printed thing that we thought was pretty neat/useful or funny and silly to one of us random strangers. And vice versa. Its sort of an open ended idea and id be happy to see what you all think of this.

If you may be interested in this idea please comment on this topic and ill set up a new topic on July 14th with perhaps some more refined guidelines. If you want to participate then youll need to pm me your mailing address, along with a few hints for your secret santa.

Ideas for hints.

  • favourite colour?
  • what you use 3d printing for?
  • are you more of a fun/toy type person or more into tool/useful kind of thing?
  • what your other hobbies are?
  • do you like board games or card games? If so what ones?
  • whats your top 3 movies/books/music?
  • or any other hints you wish to share.

Ill pm those that are interested as to who their giftee is on the 15th so youll have 10 days to make and send out your gift.

If your worried about shipping then you can also request to try to be paired with someone local, but im intending on trying to follow simmilar guidelines as the reddit gift exchange. So if you got paired with your neighbour the next street over, im intending on keeping you as the Secret Santa anonymous.

Also due to the whole COVID thing, if you were to feel ill during the exchange, please let me know and dont send out your gift. I can either ask the giftee if they would rather wait a month or so, or i may just print out your idea if i can, and send it on your behalf.

This is ment to be in good spirit/intent. But so far there dosent seem to be many negative vibes from this forum so lets keep it that way :).

Sooo yeah. What does everyone think?

I’m in but 10 days is tight!

Im open to moving the days, depending on interest/ requests. Just figured better late than never to get this idea rolling. XD

Well due to lack of interest ill postpone this idea for later perhaps.

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I only just saw this topic!
But I’m in.

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I am interested too but man it is so close a date. What you do all think of September 24? Give time to think of things and perhaps design something specific?


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Well, sure then. The deadline to apply will be August 14th. PM me your mailing address and ill pass it to your secret santa on the 15th. :slight_smile: With a deadline for it to be send out by september 24th.

Sounds good @TurkeyOnRye and @kitedemon , anyone else is also more than welcome to join in :slight_smile:

My bad alex, missed you there XD