Suprise exchange anyone?

So i tried doing a Christmas gift exchange in July, but it didnt get much interest. As it was kinda on short notice.

Heres the original post. Which explains the concept.

Im just making a new one to see if anyone would be interested in joining in on a “Suprise” gift exchange sort of modeled on the reddit gift exchange. And not modeled after the $20 limit beacuse we all know how much filament that would be XD. Its ment in good spirit and to be “family friendly”.

The dates have changed to allow more time for people to join in. With the closing date to PM me your info being August 14th, so i can distribute the info accordingly to the participants on the 15th.

The deadline to send your gift would be September 24th, giving you plenty of time to come up with something useful/funny/ interesting.

If you have any questions feel free to mention them either here or to me directly.

I’m in I sent an note!


I’m in too! just let me know what to do heh.