Cr10 max firmware

I am have a problem with my cr touch on my cr10 max printer I can’t get it to set the z0 axis
it wont level ,or print
I have tried different versions of firmware from creality and tiny machines they’re either buggy or I just cant find one that works
does anyone have any suggestion I am stumped

HI, @cb53 Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us.

I use Tiny machines on my 10 Maxes, Found the same issue with them, I actually connected with my laptop and set the Z offset with the M851, Not a pretty solution but it does work.

Hi Jason Leader
thanks for your response what version of tiny machines firmware are you using and what are the set of commands did you use to set z offset
I used pronterface and tired different commands but couldn’t get the printer to start auto leveling

I am not sure what the version is right now, Got it about a year and a half ago, Just pulled it from their Github.

Don’t forget you need the Dwin Set as well.

This is the dictionary for the M851, It is pretty straightforward, Once you figure out the correct offset you just add it as a switch to the M851

thanks I will give it a try

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I got the z axis problem fixed but now
creality cr-10 max won’t print all temperatures turn off