CR20 pro bed leveling

I started to use my CR20 last week after a summer off and found the flex base was not holding the print very well. Raised corners. I purchased a new flex metal bed cover and removed the old mag base cover and installed a new one. I homed the printer and reset the z to a paper thickness from the base. I saved and ran the bed levelling for the BL touch. I tried a print and the nozzle dug into the new plate on the left side and on the right the filament was not sticking to the base. I have reset the z a number of times without success. Is there something I am doing wrong and will the BL touch make up for the bed levelling.
Any help would be appreciated.

hmmm…‘we’(this forum) just went through something like this, Ender 3V2 non level x gantry
Maybe start confirming everything is square and snug, wheels and all…

Welcome back.

Also, with respect to the raised corners, print the model with a brim. The corner raising is caused by thermal contraction of the plastic. The material nearest the bed remains warm and expands while the material higher up cools off and contracts causing the edges to curl upward. A brim is a very thin layer that provides better adhesion to the build plate while being too thin to cool off and curl.

A second thing that I’ve found helps is Cura’s “Draft Shield”. On the subject of drafts, keep the printer away from open windows, doors or vents or use a full or partial enclosure. None of this will help with the levelness of the bed, however, just the print curl you also reported.

Follow the thread @mobiobi pointed you at. It’s for a different printer but underlying design and solutions are the same.

Thanks I ll try with the fixes suggested