Creality cr10s pro

hello, looking for thoughts on the creality cr10s pro v2
if you own one, how do you like it?
how is it with flexible filaments?
have you had any issues?
thanks for any info

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it’s a great machine but in my opinion if you really want to print flexible materials you should put the micro Swiss direct drive system on it. It will print TPU though because of the extruder it comes with you just have to print it slower cuz it’s not a direct drive, and still use retractions even though people might say not to that’s nonsense in my opinion. I print TPU for my fpv racing drones all the time I actually started 3D printing just to print TPU at first. so just let me know if you need any help

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thanks for the info, i havent bought the printer yet. still looking for the right machine :smile:
i also got into 3d printing cause of my other hobby, i fly model airplanes and and have made some nice stuff with my older printer.

I used to fly 3D aerobatic planes and helicopters now I just fly fpv racing drones the cr-10s pro v2 is an amazing printer like I said if you want to get it printing really good just put a micro switch direct drive on it

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That’s exactly what I did. I bought the printer from 3DPC and had them install the Micro Swiss all metal hot end and direct drive extruder. Figured I was going to need it eventually anyway to print all the different kind of filaments there are (and my wife won’t let me have more printers so I needed one that could be as versatile as possible) so that’s the route I went.

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how do you like it so far brother don’t forget don’t retract over 3.8 mm that’s really important

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I’m still getting it all sorted. Haven’t actually printed anything yet. I also put in z-sync kit right away as I got a lot of advice that it was needed so now my x gantry is level with the frame and I just need to level the bed. But I also am trying to figure out if the e-steps were changed when they installed the micro swiss… if not I’ll have to do that too.

no when I installed your micro switch direct drive I would have already set the e steps if for some reason they’re not saved to the eprompt just go in and set them to 140 it’s in the menu. don’t forget to save them when you’re done in the store setting section under configuration if they’re not already saved which they should be

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Oh! LOL I didn’t realize that was you. I’ll assume it’s good to go and just level the bed and see how it turns out. The calibration cubes looked good so I assume it was setup well before it was sent. :+1:

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yes I do my due diligence to make sure everything is correct

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Much appreciated, for sure! Saves me a bit of fiddling which is great!

Let’s see if I can use the time spent in a zoom meeting that I don’t really NEED to be in to get some leveling done :wink:

I picked one up around July, made a few upgrades since then, The guys over at 3D Printing Canada did a great job converting it to a direct drive with a Hemera. So for me, flexibles are no issue at all but then again that’s not stock. I really like this printer, the size is great there hasn’t been anything I need to cut up to print anymore since upgrading to this from an i3 mega. the BL Touch makes bed leveling a breeze when paired with an OctoPi with a bed visualizer addon.


That looks great! Do you have any ventilation set up on your enclosure tent? Also, what is the screen you use for your Pi and was it hard to get set up? Also what are those toggle switches you have set up there?

at the moment I do not have any vents set up, I don’t print ABS or anything else that I am worried about fumes and I am not too concerned about overheating the electronics since I only close it the odd time I need to print in nylon. for the most part, is just to keep it dust-free and to keep my messes contained.
it is the official 7" pi screen and it takes absolutely 0 setups to get to work(unless you want it rotated then its one line of code) I made a media terminal a while back designed by Back7 that I ended up never getting to work properly so I converted it to be an OctoPi instead. the toggle switches were left over from the initial plan but i do want to run the lights, main printer power, and pi through them eventually.

The A.R.M. Terminal:

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I print flexible on my stock CR10S Pro without any problem. Just have to set things right and go a bit slower.

HI like the installation video from 3d printing Canada for a micro swiss direct drive on a cr-10s pro. I want to have the screen firmware from TINY MACHINE not from Creality (is not working!) for the Ender 5 plus. Please can somebody help?

@theshark I am going to suggest looking at a Prusa Mk3s+ it has a smaller build volume but offers a wider range of materials it can print and a printer that just works out of the box with out the need of heavily modding it to do what you want. At the price point you are sitting roughly the same price especially if you add a micro swiss and pay someone to do that and alter firmware ect.

I have had mine for almost a year.

Things it does well…… bigger prints, pla, anc lower temp PETG.

The quality is not great if your printing faster, and slicing takes some adjustment to get things right.

I’m looking at updating to the tiny machines firmware but can’t figure out which one to get…

It is now on GitHub with 6 different variations…

HI @Shogun71 Welcome to the Forum, Glad you found us, Hope to see you often

I did the upgrade the easy way, I have a V1 and upgraded to BL touch but could not figure out the flashing files. did all the swapping out of parts but which files to use and how, wow, not my realm.
Took the machine to 3DPC and they had me on my way in no time.
Well worth the effort and cost to have things done right. Still trying to learn all this firmware stuff, even after 6 years with machines, lol.